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What causes the "shakes" right before and right after delivery? I've heard that the "shakes" after delivery is caused by a shift in fluid or something like that. Does anyone know for certain?... Read More

  1. by   nrsnan_1
    It is such a common thing to happen that I tell Moms ahead of time that the "shakes' are probably coming and that is a good sign of progress in labor! I will also tell them that shaking continues for a bit after delivery so they aren't surprised by that. I had a friend that had the shakes so bad she chipped a tooth.
  2. by   acuteobrn
    I just learned a neat "trick" from a midwife to help the shakes...

    Get two gloves, fill them with really warm water, tie em closed and place them in the armpits...works like a charm the few times I have done it and the patients become more relaxed to deal w/ transition, post delivery, post epidural.

    Don't know if it works all the time, but the couple of times it worked for me!
  3. by   mother/babyRN
    I liken it to re entry of a rocket to the Earths atmosphere when attempting to explain the complexities to a patient still stuggling with all the lack of control that goes along with the entire labor process....Aside from all the fluid shifts and the like, it also takes a world of time for hormones and physiological processes to adapt to supporting two (or more) people as with mom and baby and THEN that all changes in what seems to be a milisecond in time...Thus, the re entry analogy, which seems to work well with explanations as it pertains to patients.....
  4. by   lovewhatIdo
    Hi all,

    I appreciate the question-have wondered the same myself. I was wondering where I could get more information on the topic of "the shakes" and the pathophysiology behind it. Any Info out there??