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Hi, would some of you who have taken OB give me a list of common drugs used in OB? I can't afford to get my book until the Semester starting in January. I am off for 4 weeks and don't want my brain to turn to mush.

You don't have to list all the info, just the name of the drugs.



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Spent a whopping two days in OB but here's what I remember

Nitrous oxide (big one)



Antibiotics (IV admin)

Whatever epidural analgesic your placement uses

Your dermatomes (where the client can feel you poke... it's used to gauge the effects of the epidural during and after it's use)

Epi protocol



There's also a tampon-type med that is inserted to ripen the cervix but, I am really sorry, I forget what it is called.

These probably just barely scratch the surface. Can't believe I don't remember as much as I should. Yikes!


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I start my OB rotation in January....I wonder how I will do..I am not too big on the baby story.....anyway....

You might want to go to the library and check out a maternity book....this is merely a suggestion....

Just off the top of my head...



Vitamin K








Milk of Magnesia

Those are some meds that I gave in OB. Oh there is also..

magnesium something or other (given IV for PIH)

Calcuim Gluconate (counter acts the magnesium)

Hope that helps. I understand wanting to get a jump start on the semester.


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Magnesium Sulfate - it prevents seizures in clients with pregnancy induced hypertension (PTH).

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Cytotec, pitocin, ampicillin, penicillin, unasyn, methergine, hemabate, cefotetan,fentanyl, nubain, stadol, morphine, zofran, droperidol, compazine, vistaril sometimes, although rarely, demerol, phenergan, tylenol, motrin, tylenol with codeine, percocet, tucks, dermoplast spray, cortisone ointment, errythromycin and recombivax, to name a few of the assortment...

Then there is the dreaded cervidil, magnesium sulfate and terbutaline....Sometimes a caffeine iv drip for spinal headaches and bipivicaine to mix with fentanyl for the beloved epidurals...

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