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Do any of you know of any companies to give seminars to nurses on OASIS? I would be interested in a class in Florida to better improve my knowledge. Thanks.


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I know here in Ohio our department of health gives a free Oasis training program monthly. You might want to check with your state health department (or whoever is in charge of medicare certification for your state). Also, our state home care association gives home health related workshops every month- yours may do the same. The National Association for Home-care and Hospice, http://www.nahc.org, also has workshops and educational materials on its website. There is also a free OASIS training module from the Medicare and Medicaid Services website http://www.oasistraining.org. We were using that online training for our nurses as part of orientation. It has case studies that use oasis questions for all the different documentation times (SOC, Recert, Discharge, Transfer).

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