Oakland University CRNA Application and Interview for Fall 2015


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Anyone applying for Oakland University's CRNA program for next fall (2015)? Please Let us know if/when you get an interview! What are your stats? Anyone have any tips? :yes:


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I was just offered an interview at OU. Interviewing in early October, keeping my fingers crossed as I do love their program! I'll keep you posted! :)

Well I'll get this ball rolling.


GPA 3.7

GRE: 314

Will have 2 years ICU experience at start of program 3 years total nursing experience

I interview this October this year and looking at the old forum it appears they call if you got in around the first week of November good luck to everyone!!


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Thanks for your responses! I too had an interview...anxiously waiting now! Good luck everyone and please keep us updated when you hear anything!

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything after their interview. I interviewed Oct 13th and was told it would be a "couple of weeks" before they would start calling people, but I believe previous years heard back around now. Thanks and good luck!


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Still haven't heard anything yet either. Everyone please keep us updated!


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I got a call last Tuesday. :) good luck to everyone!

Has anyone else heard back? Or gotten the dreaded rejection letter? :no:

I still haven't heard waiting for either. I am pretty nervous that because I haven't heard yet the letter is soon to come but we will see I'll post either way.

I received a call to be an alternate. Anyone know anything about previous students that were admitted being an alternate? I know there are 6 alternates but they won't given an order. Just trying to see my chances here.

Also anyone here apply to Wayne? NurseNurseNurse123 congrats on your acceptance to Wayne! Do you know when they were making the calls for students accepted there?


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Thanks! Wayne made calls yesterday and is sending letters to those both accepted and not this week.

I am aslo an alternate at Oakland...not to sure about the luck of alternates in the past.

Wondering if many people were accepted to both and if most would go to Wayne and turn down their Oakland acceptance? Just trying to assess my luck as an alternate!