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Oakland University ASD-BSN July 2011 Interview

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Hi All,

I was just notified a few days ago of receiving the opportunity to be interviewed for the next upcoming class of Accelerated Second Degree Nursing students at OU. As I was researching tonight I came upon a few threads from previous interviewees. So I thought the group of us going through this exciting and nerve wrecking process can keep in touch and go through it together. I am interviewing on July 14 and am very nervous :confused:. I want to be thoroughly prepared. As I was reading the posts I noticed some people mentioned an essay. I was not informed of any essay that had to be written at the interview. Has the interview process changed and have they stopped requiring candidates to write an essay? In my email notification of my interview all they told me was that the interview would be about 20 minutes long. If anyone has any valuable information and advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Have a great night and enjoy the weekend! The weather has been beautiful! :)

They used to have you write an essay before your interview, not anymore. The only essay I know of is the goal statement provided with the application materials.

I interviewed in October 2010 for the accelerated program and there was not an essay that was required to be written during the interview. The interview was simply like a job interview. So nerve wracking though! I was accepted that time around. Don't be surprised if it takes more than one interview. It did for me and several others. Good luck! Just remember what you wrote in your goal statement and stay positive.

Thank you so much for the information! I will definitely keep all of your advice in mind... I really do hope to get in! I would be ecstatic!

I had an interview today and I did not have to complete an essay. Good luck on your interview!

I had an interview on Monday, it went well like a job interview. I am sure you will do well. There was no essay.

Thank you so much everyone! I am very excited and nervous hopefully we all make it into the same class :yeah:

How did everyone's interview go? Mine was about 15-20 minutes and I was told I would hear a decision sometime in August.

I have been working on pre-reqs. for a while and I have read all of the former posts and I finally had my interview a couple of days ago and I thought it went pretty good. But I wasn't asked about my GPA like others said in earlier posts. I was told the decision will be made mid August maybe later, so from reading all the previous boards this is going to be a nerve wracking experience.

But from the previous posts I gathered if the deposit is due on August 15 (I think my letter about the transcripts said something about that date not sure if that is the exact date) it looks like they send out acceptance letters a couple of weeks before the deposit due date so I think acceptance letters would go out within the first few days of August if the deposit is due around the 15th of August, but not for sure exactly when the deposit is due......so hopefully we hear something in a couple of weeks. fingers crossed

We will be notified in writing by August 15, 2011. ;-)


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I was very pleased with my interview and felt like it had went really well. I can't wait to hear the decision and am anxiously anticipating August. I wish everyone good luck on their interviews and hopefully we will be able to embark on this wonderful journey to becoming great nurses together :nurse::nurse::nurse::nurse::nurse:

Please update this thread when you start receiving your acceptance letters...I will do the same. ;-)

Glad to have found you all! And it sounds as if everyone's interview went well. I had the first interview of the July session last week and I feel like it went well, also. I had actually already been through this before. I was accepted the first time around and was supposed to start this past January. Then life got in the way and I had to give up my spot. To get back in, I had to reapply and reinterview, so I'm hoping to be accepted again (it would be horrible if I wasn't accepted this time and I was last time!).

I look forward to hearing good news from you all in the next couple of weeks and getting to know you all better as we get ready to start this craziness! :bugeyes:

Hi everyone, I am in the program and love it. The goal statement and interview are key. I would just recommend being yourself and selling yourself. My interview was 25 minutes. It all depends on who you interview with. I felt very comfortable but you definitely don't want to sound like you are unsure. They only want committed people who can handle the pressure of a tough program and profession. This program is difficult and you must be sure it's for you. Good luck to all!!

I thought it was interesting that I was not asked specifically about my goal statement or GPA. Was anyone asked about what they wrote in their goal statement?

Today is the last day of interviews so we should hear something a couple weeks!!!

Last time I interviewed, we talked about my goal statement quite a bit. This time it was mentioned in passing just to basically say he had read it and my goals seemed to be in line with those of the program. My GPA was never discussed either time (and I'm very proud of mine, so it would have been something I'd have liked them to acknowledge).

After today, all that's left is for them to make their decisions and let us know. Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply! Yes I am proud of my GPA as well (I worked very hard for it) so I thought that would be something they would mention, I guess that goes to show they are looking for a well rounded student not just a 4.0 GPA. But I read your previous post that you got in last time so you should not have any problems this time around. Good luck to everyone as well.:)