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I'm currently work 40 hours a week while I finish up my prerequisites for the RN program. I've heard some great things about the NYU BSN program and have started to look into the transfer process. I currently live in LA, but in my travels to NYC, there's no comparisson. I've also weighed out the cons as well (harsh winters, sky-high living expenses).

My main question is for anyone who is familiar with the NYU RN program itself (the full term program or accelerated 15mth program). What has been your experience...from application through the exam? GPA requirements? Aside from keeping my GPA up, are there any other items that will help my application stand-out from the others? Between lecture/clinical, studying, what is a realistic amount of time left over for part-time work? Any suggestions regarding loans for the program itself & living expenses would be greatly appreciated as well.

Well, I know I'll be thinking of more questions but I guess this is a start :)

Thanks so much!



I'm currently in the excelerated program at NYU. Don't come here, it is a totaly waste of money. They are totally disorganized, half the classes are a waste of time, the teacher turnover rate is really high so most of our teachers are new and therefore unfamiliar with the program and just seem generally scattered and floundering, AND we're paying $20,000 a semester for the privilege.

If it weren't for the fact that i don't want to loose credits and time, I'd go somewhere else. I think they are just riding on their name - they haven't shown us anything to back up the reputation yet.

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