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by Kseb89 Kseb89 (New) New Student

I’m wondering if I have a chance of getting in to NYU's accelerated nursing program, I have a 3.44 GPA in my undergrad in psychology. However I have received a C in Chemistry but As and Bs in the other prerequisites. I started volunteering at a hospital but it was closed down due to coronavirus. I’m nervous I won’t get in anywhere due to not having volunteer hours. Any information would help!

Have you looked into Columbia University School of Nursing ? Its a masters direct entry program and instead of a bachelors degree you get a masters in nursing. They don’t require much and they don’t require any time of hours either. Just a recommendation! I will be applying as well.

I haven't looked into Columbia because the expectance rate is so low~6%. Im not sure if I would even have a chance of getting in there.

Check out their MDE program! They accept up to 200 students I believe you have a chance of getting in since they look at the application holistically & don't have a GPA requirement ☺️ In my opinion it may be easier to get into columbia more than nyu