NYC Programs for RN to BSN/MSN with prior Bachelors

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I am a new grad RN. I just passed NCLEX after graduating from a nationally accredited ADN program in Philadelphia. My fiancee finally got the job of his dreams that he's been working towards for the past decade. We're feeling great! HOWEVER...His new job is in NYC, and we are going to have to relocate.

I had originally planned to look for a job in a hospital, hopefully in med/surg. I was thinking that I would wait to get my BSN til I had NY residency so that I could get the in-state tuition at a SUNY or CUNY school. I thought I would keep that med/surg job for a few years before moving on to a specialty, my masters degree, and maybe eventually I would go for NP.

However, the more I learn about the job market in NYC, the more I think I should go back to school ASAP.

I have prior BFA (bachelor's of fine art) in painting. I got a LOT of general coursework under my belt while getting that degree. I also took a lot of extra science coursework while getting ready to go to nursing school because I was considering an accelerated BSN program (decided against it for financial reasons).

So I would like to find an RN to BSN program where I can transfer in as many of those credits as possible. Are there accelerated RN-BSN programs for those with an unrelated bachelor's degree?

I would also consider going straight for my MSN, however I have read/heard that it is frowned upon to go straight through without any real clinical experience. I can see why, and that wouldn't be my first choice, but I'm feeling pretty discouraged about my job prospects at this point.

Any advice would be appreciated! I am willing to consinder online programs or traditional schools.

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