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Hi all!

I'm graduating from my MSN program in August 2023. I'll be moving from Maryland to New York as I would like to practice there. From what I have been able to gather so far, most hospitals (NYP, Mount Sinai) don't bother looking at your application until you've gotten your NY license. Is this true or are there some exceptions?

For those who have moved to NY post-grad and are applying, what has your personal experience been for timeline of getting a job/being accepted into a residency program? 

NYC is quite expensive to live in jobless so do you recommend getting a job as a CNA/clinical tech at a NY hospital while I wait?

Any and all help, thoughts, experiences, etc are welcomed! Thank you so much!!

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Hi! Im Fiona and I am an RN at NY Presbyterian Cornell since 2002 when I was a new grad.
Im sorry I cannot offer info on moving here cause I am from NY but I encourage you to go  to and click Nursing to learn more.

NYP has several locations the two main being Cornell on the upper east side of Manhattan which does not have unionized Nurses and Columbia Presbyterian in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan which does have a union.

If you like peds I would recommends MSCHONY Morgan Stanley Childrens Hospital of Ny which is close to Columbia but is a stand alone hospital for peds and OB. 

I would say all these hospitals pay extremely well with excellent benefits and have full Well funded orientations for new Nurses which allow new grads to start in any area almost.

my experience as a new grad started in the Burn ICU at Cornell I was there around 12 yrs and it was an amazing experience. I have worked in the Transfer Center for around 9 years and I love that too.

I would not wait for an RN license in your hand before applying they get lots of new grads and are probably used to it plus most orientations are a few months long which gives some time to get the NY license in place.

I think working as an aide or even volunteering at NYP would be a huge benefit for you to get hired as an RN.

I know several friends who started as volunteers or internships shadowing an RN that today are in management and admin jobs at NYP

I found being a new grad at Cornell the best decision I ever made and honestly love my job, most employees you encounter whether Physicians, RNs or housekeepers are wonderful people and I say that sincerely. 
In Fact I live 1.5 hrs drive from the city in Connecticut but I still work part time 2 12 hr shifts per week and love it.

Hope that info helped a little! When I graduated from college I was living in Westchester County which is the first suburban county north of NYC and was trying to decide where to work

 My mom who was an RN in NYC for many years told me "go start in NYC you won't regret it, if you can work there you can work anywhere" and she was 100% right!


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@Fiona Buoninfante -- Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a thorough response. It is very much appreciated!

All of your experiences and tips are incredibly insightful! I will absolutely look into your recommendations. I have read here and there about MSCHONY but your high regard for NYP makes me more excited :).

Thank you again for your kind and thoughtful reply! I am so happy to hear about your experiences as a seasoned nurse in New York. The pride, passion, and joy you have for your time in nursing is really special and amazing, so thank you!  I am so excited and eager for this soon-to-be new venture in my life both as a nurse and moving to NYC. I also love your mom's comment, "if you can work there you can work anywhere" !! From the times I have visited, I definitely believe it!

I wish you all the best and am very grateful for the help!

Warmest regards,

Yui 😊


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NYC Health+ and Hospitals (Bellevue hospital and Kings County, etc) won't even interview you if you're out of state... learned that recently.

You should be fine with the other hospitals (the ones that pay more). I'd stick with NYP or NYU.