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nyc hunter student needs advice and help!!!

Hello, everyone. im new here and this is my first post. I have done all of my GRE requirements but need to to the prereqs for hunter's nursing program. i attended a non accredited college but got a very low gpa. i know hunter nursing program will factor in that low score with my current gpa in hunter. it comes out to a cumulative gpa of 2.8. i did not take the NLN exam yet. if i get a high enough score on the exam, do you think i will be ranked high enough to get in? i know that i have other options school wise but i am a hunter student and i am already used to the academics there. do you think i have a chance of getting in?

My older brother went to Hunter and told me that the nursing majors there could not even get into the program! But, you should still try anyway. For the prereqs, I'm not entirely sure what they would want specifically, but I noticed nursing departments generally want stuff like A and P, inorganic chemistry, biology, etc. A lot of those sciences. Last time I checked Hunter's website, I think they said that they wanted organic chemistry as well.

As for the NLN, I have to take that too. Just study like three months in advance for it, maybe more if it will help. And then just try it out at Hunter, maybe it will factor more than the GPA. In the meantime, just make a backup plan in case you don't get accepted. I'm planning to apply at Beth Israel to get the RN if I don't get into the program at my school.

Hope it was helpful enough, sorry it wasn't anymore. Good luck!


I graduated Hunter w/my B.A (in another field) and I have a friend that also graduated the nursing program there this year, and from what she tells me It is competitive (you know), but that there was a mix of students with varying g.p.a's in the program. Those students attended Hunter from the start though-so they got prefrence.

Your NLN is important, as well as everything else. Don't count yourself out as yet, but apply else where. Hunter is cheaper, and so attracts alot of applicants which raises the odds. Good luck!

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