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hi guys...

I know this isint exactly nursing related, but, may be of interest to a few of you guys... I will be at this event... and, I figure, that since they do alot of teaching, anyone who can/will go, will find it informative... (Teaching/Learning events are very important to me, as when I worked in a certain area hospital, I had to fight to get them to understand, and teach their people about differing religions...)

NYC PPP Harvest Celebration & Food Drive

NYC Pagan Pride Day 2003


Presented by: NYC Pagan Pride Project, Inc.

[A WitchVox Sponsor]

When: Sep. 27th. 2003

Time: 11am - 5pm

Event Details: NYC Pagan Pride Day Harvest Celebration & Food Drive

Special Guest Speaker - Trish Telesco

Musical Guests, Workshops, Vendors, Kiddie Krafts, Drumming Circle, Harvest Circle

Canned and Dry foods collected for City Harvest, Kitty Kind and Mighty Mutts.

Event Location: Battery Park , NYC NY 10280

Mailing Address: P O Box 350 068, Brooklyn, NY 11235

Directions: Battery Park, New York, NY 10280, Located at the base of Manhattan, accessible by public transportation and car(street parking is limited).

Contact: MoonTwin609

Email: To send a message to MoonTwin609... [Click HERE]


thanks guys!:cool: Hope to see some of you there~

Please PM me if you're interested in meeting up.... we can get together....


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