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I just got the packet from the NBCSN, I will be their School Nurse Certification Liaison for NY State. As I attempt to attend as many school nurse conferences as possible, I see many school nurses every year from all over the state, and have contact with many more.

Does anyone have any idea as to why the numbers of nurses that take the NBCSN exam is so low? I have only practiced in NY state for about 10 years now, but it seemed that when I worked in MN, NC, FL, and Virginia, specialty certification was far more common. Though I have never required it in order to work, it was very much encouraged- whatever your specialty, even though there was rarely any monetary compensation for it. When I first came to Upstate NY, I was an RNC, (inpatient obstetrics), and there were very few of those around here, as well. When I worked in NC, it was considered an indication that you had attained a certain level of expertise within that specialty. What, in your opinion, would interest more nurses in taking the NBCSN exam? Of course, monetary gains are not likely. I will need to be able to offer some sort of REASON for a person to wish to take it. For myself, I took it as a self assessment- a way of measuring my grasp of all the information that I have gleaned over the past 6 years. Is that enough? I would appreciate any input any of you may have. Thanks in advance!:typing

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I must say that I wasn't even motivated to get my BSN until it was required for my job when I chose to switch to school nursing. Then of course, I had to get my CSN through the department of education. (Pennsylvania) I have to get my 180 act 48 hours every 5 years and also would eventually, when time and finances allow, get my MSN. I'm not sure how I could be persuaded to get another certification that would have no impact on my job. I will be interested to see other replies.


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There are not as many hoops to jump through in NY to become a school nurse as there are in PA. Since you already possess PA state certification, and require a BSN to practice, it would probably seem redundant to attain national certification.


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I took the NBCSN certification exam for 3 reasons:

1. For myself.

2. I believe we all should aim high and verify for our non nurse bosses and our clients and their parents that we hold the required knowledge to be a school nurse. They don't know how to assess that. The national certification has some assurance that another group has evaluated us and confirmed that we met the requirements.

3. I teach school nursing at the masters level. I felt to have any credibility, national certification was mandatory.

I am also state certified.

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