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Hello all,

my wife and I are NY RNs presently working for a University based health system. We are interested in endorsing our licenses to New Mexico, possibly Albuquerque to settle in and raise a family.

Does anyone have any advice regarding the endorsement process (or insights)? Also, our nursing program was in Florida and was only an approved program (not accredited). We endorsed to NY without any problem and found work quickly, but I was wondering if this might be different depending on the state. We both each have 5 years progressive care experience, myself in oncology/BMT and my wife in cardiac step-down and surgical ICU.

We've also considered the Indian Health Service as an option as well.

Thanks, All!

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I relocated to NM from the Northeast. The application process went pretty smoothly for me. It took about 2-3 weeks to get my NM license after everything was in. Just go onto the NM board of nursing website and print out their NM endorsement form and follow all the requirements. Fingerprints were needed as well. I honestly can't tell you if approved vs. accredited will make a difference. If you had no problems getting endorsed in NY, then you should be okay getting endorsed in NM. But, you will need to find out for sure from NM BON.

Since you and your wife have experience, you will likely have a good chance of obtaining calls back for a job. There seems to be a need for nurses down here. I applied to a number of facilities down here as a new graduate and I received phone calls from 3 hospitals and 1 psychiatric facility with no experience under my belt.

It can be a little tougher getting a job in ABQ as compared to some of the smaller towns. But, again, it may be easier for you since you have experience.

I really enjoy living down here. The weather is great, people are nice, and not as crowded as it is up North.

I appreciate your response, Scarlettz. I think something else I'm a little unsure about is which place to apply to. When we moved to NY, NYC was completely off the table (and the surrounding suburbs) as it would have been difficult to survive while starting a family, trying to face the rat race of commuting/living as closely as possible.

With NM, I'm curious as to whether you have any insights on the communities of Rio Rancho, Las Cruces, and Santa Fe. For now, Albuquerque remains a default place for application, as they have some of the largest hospitals. Anyway, what ever insights you might offer as to relocation, they would be greatly appreciated. We're leaning towards Las Cruces right now.


Hi, I just saw your post from '14, and I'm curious: did you move to NM? I'm in VT and thinking of relocating in the next five years.

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