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Hi every one. I have been going around the forums to find out people who are similar situation as me and found there are quite a lot. And hope to get some help with this.

I am currently licensed as an RN with Texas BON and am in the process of endorsing my license to NY. I sent in all the application and fee to the CGFNS for the CVS and its been a month since the transcript authorization forms were sent to my college of nursing in India. Many of my friends from my college had their papers reach the college in 2-3 weeks time. And I doubt that my papers have been misplaced due to a postal error. I called up CGFNS and was lucky enough to get a representative online and what they said was that they are not supposed to disclose any information regarding the CVS for NY license...(which I feel is against the rights of an applicant. It would be incorrect if I made any attempts to manipulate the transcript authorization, all I wanted to know was if they sent the document to the college) I know I am hurrying, yet, I heard from my friends who did CES for other state boards that they directly sent the transcript authorization forms to the college downloading from the internet, the college sent it back and they got their process completed faster... I would like to know if this is possible with the transcript authorization for the CVS service too. Thanks for the help in advance.

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CVS takes about 6 months and all documentation, communication and requests can only be between CGFNS & the school or agency. CES is different.

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