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NVCC Nursing Programs


Hello to all prospective nursing students at NVCC!

I wanted to start a new thread and ask anyone out there if they are currently in the position of picking and choosing which program best suits them? And I would also like to know, if I'm not alone in picking the right program for me! I'd really like to hear some insight also current or grad students from NVCC's nursing program (Northern Virginia Community College) I'm guessing if you are familiar with the NVCC system, they are constantly changing the way the programs are! You literally have to be on top of the changes, because they do not tell anyone! Currently there are three options:


Acclerated Online Hybrid

Momentum 2+1 (Two years at NVCC, 1 year at GMU)

Anyways, it would be really great to hear some insight from anyone out there who are in any of these awesome programs. Initially, I will be applying myself into one of these programs. So it would be great to hear some feed back. Also, this discussion is open to anything from the TEAS/ HESI test to which classes you have to take in the nursing program! Hope to get this discusion started! :dance:


PS: AND ALSO, my main question about the Momentum 2+1 is that-- is it gauranteed admission to GMU's nursing program once you have completed the 2 years at NOVA? How much different is getting your ADN and then just applying to GMU?? I'd really like to know if they addressed that on to the info session!