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Hi! I am currently taking my prerequisites and planning on applying to the nursing program in 2018. My plan is to enroll in the nursing program when my son is in Kindergarten. I was drawn to the traditional program since you do not have classes in the summer (I would have to find childcare, since he won't be in school), but the drive to Springfield makes me want to consider the Hybrid program.

From my understanding, the main difference in the programs is that the Hybrid has lectures online, is that true? There is no way to do any of the lectures online as a traditional student?

Any pros and cons about both programs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I graduated from the traditional program at NVCC in 2012. Things may have changed since I was there, but even in the traditional program, our in-person lectures consisted of the professor reading directly from online powerpoints that everyone--no matter which program format you were in--already had access to. Ostensibly this was to ensure curriculum consistency across the different programs, but for many of us it was quite frustrating to have to commute to campus only to be read to. I learn better with in-person formats, but I was extremely disappointed with how the courses were conducted at the time. Hopefully things have changed, but if I were to do it over again, I probably would have gone the hybrid route and saved some gas money.

I'm in the program now and it hasn't changed :(

I graduated in 2009 from the traditional program....Instructors were fine, but yes, some just read from the powerpoint....of course the students were not much better.....so many stupid questions and yes there are stupidquestions,lol it was very obvious they had not completed any of the reading! I would have preferred the hybrid class.....as the hybrid students watched the exact same class, but in the comforts of their home! One wastes a lot of time traveling to & from school..could be studying!!

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