Nutrition, Cellular Biology and Organic Chem... Too much?

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I have a really heavy quarter ahead of me. So far I have been acing all of my prereqs but I am nervous that I may overload myself and not do so well next quarter. I picked up my books the other day and... WOW... They were heavy. Is this a bad idea? Should I consider dropping one course?

The reason why I am trying to squeeze all of these in: I am getting married in the Spring and I would love to take the quarter off without falling behind :heartbeat

What do you think? Am I crazy?:confused:

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I am not too familiar with the the quarter system, but I'll assume you are referring to the winter quarter.

I think that achieving decent grades in those classes when taken together is definitely doable. However, you will likely have your thoughts wandering to your upcoming wedding, so it may be difficult to focus when you need to.

Do you work part-time or full-time, or have any kids?

Only you will know if you are able to handle his schedule. That said, if there was even a slight chance of receiving grades that are less than stellar, then I would consider taking one of those classes either in the spring or summer.


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1Thanks for the advice chica! I am working full time and have no children. I'm going to give it all that I've got! Courses start on Jan 3 and end in March. The wedding is in June, so I'll have some time once the quarter ends to wrap up loose ends. We've been engaged for almost a year now, so school is kind of a welcome break from wedding planning.