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why does the quick confirm search for nurse no longer display the "all states" option? If you have to do a name search on a particular surname of a nurse and you do not know the state where he or she is registered, you will have to type a different captcha for each state that you search making the search cumbersome, slow and making the nursys website redundant (where you could search individual RN states instead of nursys because of this dumbing down of the system, instead of developing it has regressed by losing a very important function that makes it valuable for the public).

Has anyone visited nursys lately? who is responsible for this change? are they even aware that they have lost a very important function on the website?


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If you put them in under the state you are in and mark check under maiden name too, all states should come up where this person has a license. It is better to search under license number because you have to put the name in exactly how it is listed and spelled on the license itself.