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Nursings' Contributions to IT Success Recognized

Has 30 years experience. Specializes in Informatics, Oncology, IVT, Home Health.

WOW!, Healthcare Informatics' November issue is........ as the kids say: "Off the Chain"!! :smokin:

"As Mark Hagland reveals in our cover story this month, nurses are the key constituency to finding success with any IT rollout in the hospital. With this in mind, it's critical to appreciate just how important it is to involve nursing in any product selections, rollouts and follow-up evaluations. A nurse's voice is sometimes the sweetest sound a patient or family member can hear, and CIOs who seek it out dramatically increase their chances of success."

Nursing First

Smart CIOs are partnering with nurse executives for IT implementation success

by Mark Hagland

FYI the pages take a long time to load - be patient

Full story can be read at:


Tilting the Odds

CIOs looking to stack the deck in their favor must bring nursing to the table

by Anthony Guerra, Editor-in-Chief

FYI the pages take a long time to load - be patient

Full article can be read at:


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