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Ok I must be missing something here but NursingCas keeps talking about transcript and reference request forms. Where are they on the portal? I cannot find anything like that! I have appointments with both of my references this week! :uhoh3:

I was a little confused by that too. Here's the info in the FAQ section from nursingcas:

Printing Reference Request Form

Q: How do I print a reference request form?

A: The References section of the NursingCAS application allows you to print Reference Request Forms. This form MUST be included with a recommendation letter in order for the reference to be considered complete. You must enter the reference information into your application BEFORE you can print the Reference Request Form.

How to Print a Reference Request Form

  1. Login to your NursingCAS application, and select the Institutions Attended folder from the Application Checklist
  2. To the right of the Reference Name, you'll find the link for the Reference Request Form.
  3. Click the link associated with evaluator for whom you want to print a Reference Request form, which looks like this: This will initiate the download of a PDF file. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the File.
  4. Print out, sign the first page, and then send to your evaluator to complete the rest of the form.
  5. Be sure to advise your evaluator to send the Reference Request Form with an official letter of recommendation directly to NursingCAS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each of your Reference Request Forms is unique. Each form has the name of an evaluator indicated on it. Please be sure to send the correct form to each of your references. Letters of Reference sent without the appropriate Reference Request form may result in the delay of your application.

Yea I read that too but I don't see a place to enter reference information in... :/

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