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NursingCAS Academic Status on Transcript Entry Question

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I have completed manually entering my transcripts from my school that I have received a BS degree from. However, I also took some community college classes on the side during my time at the 4-year institution, and I was wondering what to put for academic status for the CC classes? For example, when I was a junior at my main institution, I took a Sociology class at the community college. Would I then place under academic status for that CC transcript as Freshman, or should I place junior to reflect my time at the main institution? 

I placed an image below of my CC course. At this time in 2018 I was a junior at my 4 year college.918113484_ScreenShot2019-12-14at3_12_39PM.thumb.png.0b5d2102dafa5af72698fda176bdd09b.png

Thank you


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That's a tough one.  I guess it also depends if the "on-the-side" class was taken at a college that you previously took classes at or was it a completely new college for you?

If you have to turn your application in right now or by Sunday, I'd say put "junior" on it.  If you still have a few days left, then the best thing to do is to use the Contact Us on NursingCAS.  They're very good about getting back to you.   They're closed on the weekend, but go ahead and email the question and they will get back to you pretty quickly.  You can do that or call them on Monday morning.

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