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  1. Hi guys! I have recently passed my CBT test for adult registered nurse. I also have a job offer for nottingham university hospital. I want to ask for your opinion regarding working in this hospital since I am a foreigner and i do not have any idea how living is like in the UK.

    *is NUH a good place for nurses to work?
    *does different NHS hospitals offer different range scales of salary to new nurse recruits? (coz i think mine is a bit low. Idk if its the same offer for everyone, foreigner or not)
    *is nottingham a nice place to live? (ive read some articles that crime there is very high?)
    *do u suggest i ask other agencies/apply for other hospitals or just stick to one in order to focus my efforts in preparing my documents?

    I very much welcome opinions and ideas.
    Thank you.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Start off with one hospital so you can get used to the NHS. Pay scale for RN starts at band 5 but you may start lower until you get your NMC number. I used to live near Nottingham and although crime may be a bit high there is plenty to do
  4. by   vandiola
    I used to bank at NUH, but mostly in QMC so can't say much about City Hospital. It's a nice trust, very big with pretty much all the specialties. It has the regional trauma centre, so if thats your thing then you'll enjoy being at Notts. Lots of opportunities for development and training. They regularly advertise management and clinical roles internally, so if you want to progress the opportunity is there.

    All nurses are on agenda for change, it doesn't differ in any hospital/trust. You'll likely start at the bottom of band 5, which would be around £22,000 - ish, before tax.

    Nottingham is a nice place to live in. It's quite a large city, with trams, trains, buses - so good public transport. The city has good shopping centres and restaurants so you won't be bored. It's also fairly reasonably priced, so accommodation and cost of living won't eat up into your whole salary.

    You may as well just stick to Notts. Some agencies can send foreign nurses to absolute ************ but you've lucked out - but then your experience of NUH may be different to mine. May I ask what country you're from. There may be an existing community of nurses from your country, so you'd at least be able to adjust more quickly.
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  5. by   WanderGirl
    Thanks Silverdragon. I've read some blogs online and i found out that i should stay away from radford and st ann.

    I am keeping my hopes up that people there are friendly.
  6. by   WanderGirl
    Vandiola, i am glad to hear that i got lucky on my agency and hospital. I plan on having my post graduate education, probably be an NP, so i guess this is the way to be.

    I am from the Philippines and im positive that there would be a community of Filipino nurses there coz we are everywhere. Haha.

    Btw, why did u decide to leave QMC?
  7. by   vandiola
    There's definitely a Filipino community in Notts!
    I was commuting in from Leicester for my shifts which wasn't a big problem, but Leicester hospitals aren't that different to Notts, so I just transferred out of convenience