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  1. Hello,
    i am a newly hired nurse at King's College Hospital and I have few questions on the uniform measurement form.
    The given measurement seems weird, does anyone notice this too?
    I am 5'3", average built for an Asian so I chose "petite" for tunics and dresses as I will be very small for a Caucasian.

    Here comes the problem. My trousers actual measurement is 36.5" which goes over the max measurement which is 36" and is actually recommended for men.

    My bust size is 90 which is 10

    In the chart, trousers: waist is 75cm (size 10) but hips is 94 (size 8). ??? This is so confusing as I only have to pick one size. But how do I do this when my waist and hips don't fall on the same size?!

    Lastly, do I pick xsmall or small for unisex polo and smart scrubs?

    Please. Help me as my agency needs my feedback on this. I don't want to be wearing a very lousy uniform in the end.
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  3. by   skylark
    Why is this on a nurses forum?
    Speak to whoever provides the uniform. Either your agency or the suppliers direct. They will have a website with FAQ.

    Oh and the trouser measurement is likely the inside leg, so you must be about 7 foot tall if your is more than 36 inches.