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  1. I saw a posting for a Surgical Nurse Clinician about a month ago. I emailed the posting manager a week before the posting expired to ask a few questions. I also attached my CV.
    I didn't hear anything in return until 2 days ago. The manager replied to the questions and stated she would speak with me soon.
    Today, I received an email with an interview request! totally unexpected!

    In the email it stated that I would be given a topic on my arrival and would need to present on that topic during the interview =0

    Any thoughts on what I should brush up on before the interview? hot topics?
    Looking back at the "person specifications" it does note 'presentation' in one section. would you think from your experience that the topic presentation would come from this area?


    Knowledge Knowledge of accountability and PREPP.

    Knowledge of current professional issues and health service.
    Understanding the government's agenda for nursing.

    Application form


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    Sorry NoleNurse, been kind of busy so missed your post.

    Surgical Nurse Clinician, is that a type of advanced practice role, if so then it may be worth getting up to date on the european working time directive and changes to junior doctors hours.

    The government agenda and NHS changes would be something that may also be worth thinking about, without knowing a bit more about the job it's difficult to guide you further, is it mangerial at all, in which case then maybe some Staff management issues may be asked.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    The post states:
    Working as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Nurse Clinician) within this friendly and dynamic environment you will work as part of a Consultant led surgical team actively contributing to all aspects of the assessment, diagnosis, treatment & management of the care delivered to patients within the surgical directorate.

    The post holder will be expected to exercise a high degree of personal professional autonomy and make critical judgements to satisfy the expectations and demands of the role and ensure delivery of an advanced level nursing service to patients throughout the patient journey. You will be expected to be a Registered General Nurse with, or working towards a Master Of Science in Clinical Nursing / Advanced Practice. You will have substantial experience working at a senior level.

    A Non Medical Prescribing qualification is desirable. Consideration will be given to appropriate candidates willing to undertake appropriate training to Masters level.

    So, would think not overall management. from the job description there is a request to "undertake teaching and training"

    there is a subject of "participate in achieving Trust Governance objectives." We just reviewed Governance- but would this be specific to the Trust? Where would I find this?

    Thanks for the recs so far. I will jot myself some notes! ah, and btw, about 5 years ago they changed the hours that residents (junior docotors) were allowed to workin the states. It increased work loads of NPs and PAs in the states, which increased the number of NPs!
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    It's a nurse practitioner type of post.

    Have an awareness of how these posts came about in the UK (if you go to my profile page into articles I've written one on advanced practice and nurse prescribing)

    The government agenda and financial considerations is high on any agenda as is the provision of safe, competent care within these constraints. How will this role help with that - think about minimising risk, reducing harm and unintentional outcomes. Infection control measures. Safe prescribing, etc etc

    I'll think a bit more today and let you know if I come up with more
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    Governance objectives will be linked to their operational framework, financial planning, should be available VIA the internet so try Google. If not email the chief executive office and ask for it.

    It'll be very much around the quality and safety agenda so look at that