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One of the questions I am most frequently asked is how do I prepare for an interview, and over the years of both being interviewed and interviewing I have built up a stockpile of questions and... Read More

  1. by   cjcooper16

    I'm unsure how to message you! But thank you soo much for the reply and the tips for the presentation was worried I was on the wrong lines with leadership and whether I should have been briefly discussing all the themes of clinical governance (although not sure how I would ever have done this in 5 minutes!). I'm also looking at conflict, errors, infection control , complaints, safeguarding, governance, leadership, escalation policy, 6c's etc for the interview. Is this on the right lines?

    Thanks very much again for the advice (so grateful for the help). Nice to find someone else in NICU :-)
  2. by   Gem1210390
    They may ask something on the lines of since Frances report what changes have been made on the unit and how is this improving patient cares, do you do the nursing dashboards in your hospital are you passing these.

    They may want to ask if you could change something on the unit what would it be and how would you go about it.

    There may be scenarios also.

    You are reading on the right lines good luck
  3. by   vlgriffiths
    Hi all, looking for some advice. i currently have an interview for a band 6 nurse post on a busy paediatric medical ward, which i already work on. i have interviewed a few times before and been unsucessful. i have 10+ years post grad experience. any advice on how to prepare.
    i also have to give a short (Non electrical ) presentaion on how i see the role of the band 6 is related to the trust objectives. any help gratefully received as i really want this job
  4. by   scarylou02
    Hi I have found this all very helpful but I do have a bit of a dilema. I have an interview for a ward based band 6 role in a weeks time for my current ward. We have a presentation to do but will only be given the topic on the day. I work on an acute stroke ward, do you have any examples of the kind of presentation topic may come up?
  5. by   dolli
    I'm currently a band 6 on NICU, but have applied for a band 5 job in paediatric cardiothoracic ICU.
    Could anyone advise me as to what scenario questions I may be given?
    Will they be the standard: prioritising care, drug error etc questions, or could they be more specific to cardiothoracics and testing my knowledge of the area? I am not sure how much they will expect a band 5 to know?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you
  6. by   emyb
    Hi! hope you can help me I got a band 7 interview coming up and I have been asked to do a presentation the topic is " As a band 7 sister how would you ensure that quality standards and performance measures are achieved" Thanks in advance.
  7. by   XB9S
    Quote from emyb
    Hi! hope you can help me I got a band 7 interview coming up and I have been asked to do a presentation the topic is " As a band 7 sister how would you ensure that quality standards and performance measures are achieved" Thanks in advance.
    I did respond to your thread, if your considering a band 7 I would expect you to already have some ideas about what they are asking, dont.think of it as an interview presentation but if how you want to make a difference to the area.

    What are the quality standards? You should know that already that, especially with the reports that have been published around nursing care in the past few years.

    how is performance measured?

    Give me some of your thoughts first and that will give us something to work with.
  8. by   emyb
    Hi, for me performance measured? I think I will focus around clinical governance, nursing dashboard, environmental audits- how to collate and interpreted data and how to auctioning any problem and re evaluating again , length of stay of patient, mentioning about any patient failed discharge, staff skill mix and sickness records, and staff PDR's looking at staff training and competencies and staff being valued. For me, a happy and content staff performs and deliver better. All this need to be patient focus. But if you can add more you are more than welcome.
    It's the presentation I'm just worried because I hate doing them I get stage pride.
  9. by   XB9S
    It's all of those things but how will you make sure it's maintained when your not around, think about role modelling and leadership.

    What would be your expectations of your Staff and how would you communicate that.
  10. by   emyb
    Thanks for that really appreciated it.
  11. by   audionekenobi
    Hello everyone enjoy reading the advice.
  12. by   audionekenobi
    I am a band 5 team leader at a residential home for learning disability.
    An oppurtunity has arose for a band 6 deputy manager position there.
    I think it will be to oversee the change and deregistration from residential to supported living.
    anyhow the topic for the 10 min powerpoint will be...
    What do you think are the differences between a Staff Nurse/Team Leader to a Deputy Manager?
    How would you put this into practice?

    What skills would you utilise to do this?’ …

    I am a bit stuck as we as team leaders do everything a deputy would do - we have never had a deputy manager before !!
  13. by   Mrsgriffy
    Good Morning, I was hoping for a bit of advice I have a band 7 interview at the end of this week for an acute pain nurse role, I have to do a 10 minute presentation, I think I have over whelmed myself with information and I am now lost in it all.

    My question is " How do you see the acute pain service developing in the future and what would be your contributions".

    Also, what questions may they ask regarding the post. Thank you so much for you help!!!!