How to: from theatre nursing to practice nursing

  1. I need some advice!
    I have been qualified for a year now. I have been in theatres since I qualified. Having went from scrub, to now a recovery and day surgery practitioner.
    Long story short - Hate it! Want out. Cant get out. Applied to a good few community positions etc and never hear anything back. Community was the only type of nursing I enjoyed during my training, and now I feel stuck.
    There is a practice nurse job that has become available near to me. They are looking to train up a band 5 and have said that not all boxes need to be ticked basically, as they will provide training - long term condition management etc.
    What do I say to stand out from the rest in a statement. I feel as if I have nothing to bring. How are the skills I have learned relevant. I so badly want to be a practice nurse and just feel as if I will never have the chance to get the hell out of theatre!!
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    I went straight from MAU to practice nursing and loved it. I arranged an informal visit and showed a keenness to learn and tried to sell myself as much as possible
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    Thank you! Sounds silly but an informal visit never even crossed my mind!