Contact with former patient from now former job

  1. Hey there,
    So I am in a bit of a tiz at the moment and can't quite figure out what to think.
    A few months ago I looked after a patient for two shifts, we got on well but obviously nothing sinister, I thought they were attractive and we definitely had a connection but nothing was acknowledged as they were my patient.
    They were on my former ward after a minor op and and went home after 48 hours (would have been sooner if it wasn't a weekend).
    About a week ago they contacted me through FB as we have some mutual friends.
    We have since spoken a lot and want to meet up and see what's what.
    We are both single, consenting adults and I also no longer work in that setting (same hospital but as floating temp staff).
    Where do I stand? :/ They are not likely to need any follow up treatment, definitely not in any area I am working in.
    Because I was at work when I initially met them it makes me nervous (I literally overthink everything at the best of times)
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  3. by   GrumpyRN
    Unless they are a vulnerable person then there should be no problem.

    I once worked in an area with patients who required lifetime treatment and one of the staff married one of the patients.
  4. by   osceteacher
    We had a nurse marry an ex patient, like Grumpy said, if they're not a vulnerable patient then there shouldn't be any repercussions.