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I am thinking about traveling to the UAE or Saudi Arabia to work when I graduate. I've heard that the facilities there are top notch and the pay is great. Does anywone have any input on this subject? I would really appreciate some enlightenment. Thanks to all who reply.


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I have thought about this in the past also. Although I really don't know specifics, I can tell you about rumors I've heard. I have heard that the pay is great and that it is tax-free. The main thing I would watch out for is their customs. They treat women very badly, I understand. As a women you have to keep your face covered and you can't talk to anyone. They have certain rules there that you couldn't imagine. If you stay in an American base all the time that you are not working, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Again, these are rumors I heard from Desert Storm people and others that traveled to make really good money. I hope someone answers your question that has actually been there! But, I would say that unless you really need or want money, there might be safer places to travel to! Good Luck.


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I was offered a position in Saudi Arabia by a well known travel nurse agency. The main thing that kept me from going was the fact that they require you to work 6 days a week. When you calculate out the salary, it is far less than you can make in the US. Also I was told that you can only take ten thousand dollars back to the US when you return, the rest has to stay in Saudi for a certain period of time. Also they have posession of your passport and you cannot leave the country without their permission. That was a little scary to me. They would have to pay lots more money for conditions such as that. They don't have as much need for American workers anymore, they can use workers from the Philliphines and other countries cheaper. If its money you are after, there are lots of high paying travel assignments out there, NYC and I've heard there are hospitals in the Cape Fear area of North Carolina paying big $$$ especially since all the floods have made nurses move out of the area. Good luck in finding the position you want.


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my wife and I went to Saudi a few years ago (from UK)and had a reasonable time.

The salaries weren't bad - you essentially made your money from the fact that there were no taxes, rates or accomodation charges.

Jewellery (all 18 ct gold) was dirt cheap, as was electrical stuff.

A lot depends on the company who you go with - facilities on base etc.

If you can tolerate some of their peculiar ways, go for it.

Women are quite safe from physical abuse - it's the lewd and base behaviour (comments, body language etc) that most Westerners get pissed off about first.



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