Nursing transfer student


Hello all, I just finished my third year at SFSU and didn't apply in time for the nursing program. The pre-requisites took me a long time to complete because of how impacted the program is. I'm looking to transfer to WCU for the fall but have no idea if the money is worth the program...I am looking at other options but most of the programs start fall 2019 which is a whole year away and there is still no guarantee that I am in the question is if I should go for WCU or if I should wait a whole year to transfer?

Thank you all! :)

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Assuming you mean West Coast University, a quick google tells me it costs approximately $133k to get a nursing degree there.

No. Run as fast as you can in the other direction. That's more than my house cost.

There are a bunch of CSU's that have Spring start programs, so I would just do some research on that! If anything, CCSF also has a program that starts in the Spring and it's also free if you are a SF resident!