Nursing Theorists


Does anyone know a good online resource for nursing theorists?

I have to write a paper on something and incorporate at least one theorist into it, but I don't even know where to start for theory. There's a tiny table of very non-informational summaries of a few theorists in our textbook, none of which match what I was looking for. It also refers us to a website for more information which no longer exists. So, I'm really confused as where to begin looking for theories.

I turned in what I had done on my paper (completely theory free) and I was told to look for theories regarding adult education or educating the adult.. something like that, it was the end of a long & tiring day and I really don't remember much of the conversation. I was originally thinking something along the lines of safe environment of care.

My paper is on horizontal violence and how it creates an environment where nurses may be providing inadequate care & how to stop horizontal violence by educating staff. Through all of this, I need to work at least one theory, I'm quite lost, I've spent all day looking but I don't even know where to begin so I haven't found a thing I can use. :uhoh3:

Please Help.




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Nancy I am on my blackberry but later tonight I can send you some good resources etc. I took a good course in theory last semester