Nursing textbooks Oakton Community College


Hi everybody,

I got in nursing program for fall at OCC. The college is selling the bundle for 103 and 104 for a of money. Honestly, I was thinking maybe I can find and buy from somewhere else cheaper, maybe online or from somebody.

the issue that I have is that I don't really know what is in the bundle. Can somebody help me, please?

I know there are some books, but I need to know exactly which ones, some pictures with the cover will really help a lot. Thank you very much.

springchick1, ADN, RN

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I got to school in Alabama but our school does bundles as well. Yes, you can buy books cheaper online but you need to check and see what is included in your bundle. We have something called My Nursing Lab that has practice test and homework assignments that we are required to do. The codes for those are included in the bundle. If you don't get the bundle, you still have to have the codes and that can be expensive. Just something to think about.