Nursing Team Building & Communication - need resources


Hi All,

I have to give a 1 hour long presentation on Nursing Management, Team Building & Communication... does anyone know of any resources online that I could use to help fill up some time? Anything works - youtube videos (I only could find one and it was low res and has a watermark), hand-outs, activities, web pages, etc.

Thought this might be an easy topic to find info on... but apparently, not so much! Ick!

Thanks in advance!

nurseprnRN, BSN, RN

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Look for just team-building and you'll find tons of stuff. If you have a friend in Boy Scouts leadership, they do a great team-building session as part of Wood Badge training. If you can PM me c your email I can send you some info on that. I have always found it to be a very useful framework for teams of any kind.