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I have read all over this site and it seems that so many people who are nurses, hate it and wouldn't be a nurse again if they had a chance. It' s really starting to worry me. Im into my second year of nursing school, and realizing ALL of the drawbacks. I am not in the best of shape and I'm worried this is going to kill me. Alot of nurses I know in the 50's have already had knee replacement surgeries , they say, from nursing. Then, it also worries me that everyones saying the nursing shortage is from people "burning out" and leaving nursing-Is this true? Either way, I plan on staying in nursing school, I've already switched my major once, and will never do that again b/c it set me back alot. I guess I'm just worried if I'll be one of those nurses who absolutely love their jobs, or one who hates it. My clinicals are at night at a small hospital, so I can't really judge from that b/c we don't do alot.I don't know, sorry I wrote so much, I just have all these thoughts and am worried about this career. Would somebody who is a nurse please give me some insight please, thanks!


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There is a thread on this BB called Nursing Career Advice that you might want to check out.


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I'm in the same boat as you. I keep telling myself that once I get my acute care experience after graduating, the possibilites are endless! If one aspect of nursing burns you out, it's time to switch to something new. One of the things that keeps me going is reviewing all the potential career options for RNs. Check out

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As a nurse new to this board I can honestly say I've seen soooooo many posts from nurses that love their jobs that I was amased. I think it depends on where you end up in nursing as to whether you are ultimately happy or not. I started in a unit and hated it beyond anything I can describe. I think if I would have had to stay there a few months more I would have quit nursing and never gone back. But I was lucky enough to go into the OR and I really really like it. I don't LOVE it (whatever that means) but I really enjoy it compared to other things that I could be stuck doing as a nurse.

Also, remember, we vent here so you are seeing that. We all pretty much know what each other is going through and there is comfort in having a place to come and vent because husbands don't understand. :roll

I think had I been a student and come here, I might have been better prepared for the real world, versus the world they teach in nursing school, which just doesn't exist. There are lots of opportunities in nursing. It's just getting through that first year I think that's the most difficult. Graduate and get through that first year and you'll likely find something that will pique your interests in nursing that you may in deed like a great deal. Best wishes and hang in there.


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Thanks for yall's advice. I am glad that I do get to hear the good and the bad in here, because nursing instructors want us to graduate, not drop out, so we don't get to hear both ends!

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