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i have only been qualified for 10 mths and to be honest i want to leave the hospital setting as soon as possible.i was on nights over new year (that was fine by me) but when i arrived and found that there was me and one other senior nurse to run the ward (a ward that was almost full)i was annoyed. During the night we had admissions plus the things we had to do. We didnt have a break, didnt leave till almost three quaters of an hour after our shift ended as we had to write up our notes. This has happened quite alot, due to sickness of staff. Why are staff off sick.... well look at the conditions etc.

When asked to get cover from agency reply is 'too expensive' they would rather work their staff into the ground!! I'm on nights again this week and dread going in. After my nights im definitely looking at going to uni to do health visiting, as will accept you after 12mths post qualifying

Sorry just needed to have a moan


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Sounds like you're burnt out to say the least. Don't forget why you do the job that you do. As a student nurse, I think that you need a little appreciation. How compassionate and selfless to sacrifice your new years to work at the hospital. It's nurses like you that always end up doing things for others and end up getting walked all over. For what it's worth, you made a huge difference to all the people you helped and I'd like to say thanks.


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