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I am a pre-nursing student right now. I have learned SO much from reading everyone's posts. I do have 1 question though. I keep hearing that tests in nursing school are totally different from "regular" tests. Can someone explain how they are different? I'm just curious.


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"Regular" tests in pre-req courses, such as A&P, math, etc, are more about memorization and facts. Nursing tests involve more critical thinking and prioritization skills. It's not uncommon to get a multiple choice question and have 4 correct answers listed as your choices. In order to get it right, you'd have to choose which one best applied to the situation described by the question.

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the tests in nursing school are usually multiple choice exams and are specifically called application type. this means that you must apply concepts that you should already know in order to be able to choose the correct answer. some of those concepts may be from the classes you are taking now. so, while you will need to study new information for these tests, you will also need to apply previous facts and concepts that you will be expected to call into your rational thinking. it is part of correctly solve problems.

do not be afraid of this. nursing school teaches you how to do this. it is a new and different skill to learn. some people say it is hard. that is the negative way to look at it. the positive way is to think of it as an exciting challenge. we nurses are valued because of our skill at doing this problem solving. you will make more progress by endeavoring to learn this skill rather than dreading it. i have been an rn for many years. believe me, you will face many new and exciting challenges in nursing school. you cannot look at them as being hard or impossible. all nursing students experience this. practice makes perfect. how many times did you have to tie your shoelaces before you finally got it right? i bet you don't even remember! yet, it is such a simple thing now that you don't remember how hard and impossible it once was. it will be much the same with the different skills you need to learn in nursing school including answering test questions.


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Wow, I hadn't heard of this, but it sounds scary and exciting at the same time-- but it makes sense- you have to think through all the options as a Nurse, and do some investigating before you act. Not just memorizing a definition or muscle or statistic. Very cool- thanks for the info!

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