What is your personality type? What is your area of specialty?

  1. I am INFJ and the areas that interest me most are: psychiatry, oncology, hospice, and maybe labor & delivery.

    There is another thread on the personality test in general. I am not a nurse or even a nursing student yet but have been looking at all the possiblities with nursing and wondering if certain personalities are drawn to certain specialties.

    Here is a link for a shortened version of the test.


    Here is a link for descriptions to the different personality types.
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Check out the link below, but it was medical specialties and not nursing ones in that study.

  4. by   rcclover
    Thanks for the link, Eric. I appreciate it.

    I really was interested in what personalities went along with specific areas of nursing, though. That's why I posted it in the general discussion nursing forum but it was moved to here. I guess I can't post there since I'm not a nurse, though. Hmmm.