What do you learn in Med Surge?

  1. [font="comic sans ms"]:spin:hi everyone...i just finished my first semester of nursing school and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what med surge is like and what are some things that ya'll needed to know and learned. i would like to get a headstart reading up on things so that i can be ahead of the game...at least a little bit. thanks
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  3. by   Daytonite
    in my first med/surg class we learned about the patients undergoing general surgery, the side effects of general anesthesia and how the patient needed to be prepared for surgery and was cared for during surgery and after surgery. we had many different kinds of surgical patients to care for. you learn about care of surgical wounds and the various types of drains that are used.

    the kinds of disease we were exposed to for medical were diabetes, dehydration, gi diseases and some respiratory diseases.

    your program might be different. if you can find someone in the semester ahead of you and ask what they did or get your hands on the syllabus you will be able to plan much better. basically, for the medical diseases you need to know the pathophysiology of the various diseases, what the doctor's tests for them are and the treatments they are going to order for them, which treatments you as a nurse will be carrying out and some of the independent nursing things you can do for these patients. here is a thread that has links that can help you find some of that information:
    you can also open up the link critical thinking flow sheet for nursing students at the end of my post and print it out. use it to collect information for each major disease to help you learn about it and know the inportant points to help in learning how it is treated by both the doctor and the nurse.
  4. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    You learn how to interact with patients. You build your confidence, and learn what questions to ask. You learn about disease processes, and what to look for. You learn about surgical proceedures, and short/long term effects on the patient. You learn what answers to look for, and what answers you need to take action on. You learn your full body assessments, and you actually perform them. You begin to listen to chest sounds and bowel sounds, and learn the proper words to use to describe them. You learn how to actually do a dressing, empty a drain, and clean a REAL patient up. Eventually you learn how to balance patients; you'll probably start with one then work up to three (maybe even four) in your final clinical. You learn organization. How to plan your day to perform several bedbaths, assessments, diaper changes, feedings, IV meds, PO med passes, tests, etc. You learn how to be an expect diaper changer (depending on the type of floor you are on). You learn about medications, common medications, how they work, important things to check before giving, side effects, and interactions. You learn how to draw up and hang IV meds.

    Finally, you learn whether or not you want to start out on medsurg, like everyone used to say was required for new nurses.
  5. by   Mrs Wms-future RN
    Why not ask your nursing instructor? Our class did and she gave us the list of the books we needed and our first set of objectives due for next semester.