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  1. Hey everyone, im new here and i am going to WCU tomorrow to figure out if i want to go there. I am having a difficult time deciding because i dont know ANYONE who has gone there.. and its a TON of money, so i dont wanna spend all that and then be screwed after school. soo my question to you all is if anyone has done this program? or is in it? can you tell me anything about it?? any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you all so much.
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  3. by   calstudent1967
    Hi Miss BeeMarie,

    I am a current student of West Coast. Can you tell me a little more about yourself? I am very happy with WCU. I am just going into my second term and thus far I have been nothing but 100% pleased. What campus are you planning on attending? I attend the OC campus and from the receptionist all the way to the administration, every one has been great. My professors are helpful and kind and very interested in my learning and passing. I am an older student; 41 - so I did not want to wait for Community College - I would be close to 50 by the time I graduated if I went that route. You do need to be prepared to study. I have seen a few of the younger students not taking it very seriously but it is their money and time...not mine.

    One thing that I am thankful for is the ability to take many of my classes online (your non-science classes) - it is helpful with my family schedule. That of course will change with nursing practices.

    Yes, it is expensive. Not anymore then a private 4 year school. Much more then Community college but financial aide really took time with me to go over all my options and went out of their way to make it work.

    The recent pass rate was high - so I am pleased with that as well.

    If you have any specific questions please feel free to let me know.

    All the best.
  4. by   missbeemarie
    thank you for replying to me... well i am 20 years old. i am planning on maybe attendint the oc campus, but im not too sure. i have looked and i only see it being able to be used in california. i have heard it wont transfer out of state? do you know anything about that? since i am only 20, i might want to transfer out of state one day, ya kno? oh and i also have pretty much alllll of my general ed done, so then i just need the prerequisites and then i get put on one of those waiting lists =(
    but ugh, gosh i have just been having a hard time with really going through with it. like i want to, but im scared cuz of the money. and then i think to myself, well im this far throguh my community college, i can just work on a double major while waiting for my RN. ugh i dont know! i really appreciate your help. its glad to hear that you like it.
  5. by   calstudent1967
    When you say transfer out of state what do you mean? Your BSN? Or your RN? Once you pass the NCLEX you are an RN - each state has their own state regulations so you would need to check with what is required by the state; but going to WCU won't impact that as far as I have been able to tell. Regarding getting your masters - that could be a different story. Each school determines what they will accept. The recommendation would be to hold onto your class syllabus but that could happen at any school you attend in many ways.

    Are you saying you have all your general Ed done? It is helpful to have an unoffical transcript - you will need the offical one when you enroll but to get an idea of what will transfer in.

    The money is a huge consideration and if you are not serious, no you should not do it. You need to factor in how long it will take you to get into a community college and if you could be working as an RN by the time you are just getting in and slowly paying off your loans. But only you can decide what is right for you.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.... it is a personal choice that each person needs to sort through for themselves.

    Best of luck.
  6. by   VickyRN
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  7. by   elacer08

    I to am deciding whether or not I should attend WCU. I actually have a HESI appointment August 17. I have the same thoughts that you do about going there as well the fact that it costs a lot is one thing that is stopping me, but I really like the fact that you do not need to wait and that the NCLEX rate is so high. The thing that is making me go to WCU is mainly that is is not CCNE accredited as far as I know. I want to get my masters one day and if it is not CCNE accrediated I can not do so according to counslers at Cal State LA. Calstaudent do you mind telling me about your entire experience at WCU in the OC. I am planning on attending that location but am not to sure. Have you take biochem or did any of your clinicals? Please tell me about all the classes you have taken and what you think about it. Thanks so much!
  8. by   simplides
    mY BEST ADVICE, IS DO NOT GO TO WEST COAST UNIVERSITY... if you wish to get a masters dont go there.. they are not accredited and they are hoping to be one day.. they are just regionally accredited.. you can only get far with that... which means you cant even go to all parts of California.. be careful.. they dont even need pre-req, i would rather be in a school that is competitive than a school that is so easy to get into... no gpa requirement... nothing.
    that is why the previous post said some of the students are not serious. of course they will not be, cos they did not sweat to get in there..
    i have been told that the more the school is recognized the better your chances of getting a good job. you dont want to av to wait forever!!!
    be wise!!! i am in the Bachelors program at a different school, and i was also offered opportunity at WCU and i hadnt even applied yet...
    but if you really dont want to wait then go for it, but always research a school before attempting to go... u are 20 and the wrong school will give u a tougher time when u are done compared to someone who is 50 with tons of experience... no hard feelings but take my advice.
  9. by   elacer08
    I am very thankful for your advice and am taking it into lots of consideration. Schools nowadays are so competitive as you know but I am still leaving cal states as a first choice. I have so many doubts about WCU now that I do not feel safe going there. I do hear that they are waiting for their CCNE accreditation in April of 2010 but that is another story. If I cannot get into a program by then and they are in fact CCNE accredited I will think a bit more, but I am truly thankful for all the advice that you have given me.
  10. by   simplides
    yeah.. try other private schools.. Cal States might keeping you waiting for a while... try Azusa PAcific University... i finished all my gen. education and applied there and got into the fast track program; as long as you have above a 3.0 gpa, then go for it. it will cost as much as WCU. if you are willing to pay for WCU then you sure can pay for this
    Also, they have CCNE/BRN accreditation for a maximum of ten years, due to their outstanding performance and believe me, it is rare for schools to get that. when i tried WCU last year, they told me they will get their accreditation in 2009 and now they moved it.. LOL... they move it depending on the year you are applying, so that you think its happening soon... but... nope!!!
    let me know if you need anymore info. cos i will happily provide the info for you. take care and Good night.
  11. by   elacer08
    Can you tell me how Azusa Pacific is? I spoke to some of the reps awhile ago, but was not to sure why I decided not to go. Was there a certain requirement like the TEAS test or HESI? I think I have most of the pre rec they ask for there do you mind telling me what they are. Thanks so much
  12. by   simplides
    if you have anatomy and physiology, microbiology, gen. psych, over 90 units and a gpa that is over 3.0, then you will be fortunate enough to get into the summer start program,which only accepts 20 students in a year. however, if you have 30units, gpa of 3.0 or higher, anatomy&phys., gen. micro, chemistry, then u will get into ther regular cohort, which accepts 40 students twice a year. there is no TEas required, because they believe teas does not judge how smart u are.. some people pass it because they guessed right, or they just knew answers from high school, so a nursing student should not be judged by a multiple test one score question...
    I just got back from clinicals, and it was great. everyone loves us...
    one of our clinicals would be at CHLA, and even at UCLA, City of Hope, and other known hospitals... they even have an affliation with Kaiser permanente.
    it is the best choice you would make... go to apu.edu and enter bachelors in nursing on the search box or http://www.apu.edu/nursing/undergrad...onrequirements
    go through this link.. try the link first and let me know if you have more questions..apply as soon as possible so that u could be considered for spring. Good luck and i am here to help... i could help you ask my instructors specific questions if you have any to ask... Take care...and Good luck...
  13. by   cassie28
    hi everyone!
    please excuse the interruption in this thread. i work with west coast university and normally we would not interject into conversations as we respect the dialog that is housed here at allnurses.com and other forums on the internet. while we know that opinions about our school will vary, we do want to make sure that the facts are accurate. for this reason, we want to jump in and address the accreditation topic on the board.

    wcu is nationally accredited by acics and is approved by the board of registered nursing to offer its nursing programs. with these in hand, your degree from wcu is not geographically constrained in any way (within the u.s.). please see the links below for more information:

    wcu accreditation info: http://www.westcoastuniversity.edu/content.aspx?id=125
    listing of acics accredited institutions: http://www.acics.org/students/content.aspx?id=2524
    listing of brn approved programs: http://www.rn.ca.gov/schools/rnprograms.shtml
    news release for brn approval: http://www.reuters.com/article/press...008+bw20080929

    as far as recognition for an msn and ccne accreditation, we suggest that you research this thoroughly to come to a final conclusion. this drifts into the "opinion" realm and wcu will respect this forum's mission and refrain from commenting.

    nursing is a great field of study and is helpful to our community regardless of where you get your degree. good luck to all of you in all of your academic planning!

  14. by   REX3838
    RUN from this School WEST COAST!!!!! I am ready to grad in a couple of weeks. At first it's great, then hell breaks loose when you get into the Nursing classes. You are on your own, self taught program and the teachers, some good ones, but mostly High Power trip ones. Clinical of course!!!!! Have I learn anything, not really. I am scared that I really have not learn what RN does only my LVN exp!!! Prey that things will work out for me, I paid too much money for this school. Also reminder they will no longer have LVN-RN Bridge program, last enrollment is Nov 2009. I did confirm, all they said was they need to concentrate on there BSN program. I suspect something really wrong, perhaps they lost their only accrediation. This program was there money maker!!!!! Something to think about. So for the one's that think it's a great school, wait until you get into the Nursing class. Then let me know what you think!!!! What ever happens just finish and get out. I am so emotional/mentally drained from this school