Unit Change Project???

  1. We have to do a paper on what we would change on a nursing unit. It can be from paperwork to family interaction to products and services. Any Suggestions??
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  3. by   rags
    Pay attention in your clinical and find what is lacking or what can be improved on. The secret to these many projects in nursing school is to first assess and then diagnose. That is the reason you have so many like this. You get the opportunity to put the nursing process into action.

    This way of approaching it will also help to give you direction and the opportunity to realize how to come up with a measurable goal. Enjoy it and see if you can find something that is not only a need where you are but also something that interest you. Chances are... if you notice something is missing it is because it is of interest or importance to you! That always makes the project easier and the enthusiasm comes across in your final result.

    Good luck and let us know what you come up with.

  4. by   llg
    I suggest you start by using the good old nursing process.

    Step 1: Assess what needs to be changed -- what's not working well -- what problems exist -- etc. Don't pick something that sounds interesting to you, but is not really a problem on the unit. That would be a waste of resources and also would probably not work well in the long run because it would add to the burden of the staff to implement for no good reason. Do your homework and find out what the unit needs.

    Step 2: Plan an intervention designed to meet the unit's needs, taking all relevant factors (resources, potential stumbling blocks, etc.) into consideration.

    Step 3: Intervene - i.e. implement your plan

    Step 4: Evaluate the effectiveness of your activity.

    Another suggestion: Include an interview with the unit's nursing leaders in your assessment. Having their help/support will make your work a lot easier. Pick something that they want to see accomplished and you will be far likelier to get the help and support you need from them. Don't pick something that they don't want to see happen.
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