1. please help. im a final (4th) year general nursing student in Ireland and have a thesis due in april (5,500 words), i have it narrowed down to 3 possible topics but dont know what is the most suitable or if any are;
    (a) NG placement and checking placement of same (because new guidelines in my hosp has banned 3 of the 4 techniques we use daily)
    (b) pressure areas assessment and prevention in patients arriving from A&E (becaues BIG prob here, no pressure mattresses in A&E and most patients on trolley for 12hrs plus)
    (c) latex allergy in patients and staff at ward level (new/1st hosp policy on same availably last month due to an incident where pt died in OT, plus i have contact latex allergy and very difficult to get some wards to bring in latex free gloves for me because they are double the price)

    please help me, if you dont think theese are suitable please leave ideas for me, i went to my personal tutour in college and she said to do whatever i want and didnt give me any guidence or help, couldnt tell me if mty topics were any good or not or even if suitable!!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    I would write on the one where you can get references. Seems to me that you will be able to find references to support whatever position you take. I haven't checked, but I do know that right now the United States government has been very actively tracking medication errors. I don't know if they have been looking at latex allergies with patients, but they may have been studying it among healthcare workers. I don't know what has been news worthy items in healthcare in your country.

    I'm in the process of writing an essay myself for a healthcare class, but it is on back injuries in healthcare workers and I am finding a lot of information on various U.S. states that are trying to pass laws mandating healthcare facilities to provide some kind of lifting assistance, either equipment or teams of people to do the lifting, for their healthcare workers.