The neuman system model........

  1. I am doing a assignment about the neuman systems model.........I have no idea how to start.....

    Here is the scenrio....

    Ah Leung is a 29 year old man who was recently admitted to the oncology ward for evaluation after having frank hemoptysis. A bronchoscopy revealed he suffered from lung cancer. He was found to have squamous cell carcinoma and underwent a Pneumonectomy. He had two children and he was the bread winner of the family. His wife is a drug abuser and unemployed. He describes his wife as emotionally distant.

    Ah Leung has done well following the surgery. He is having continued postoperative pain and nausea. In addition, he will be receiving radiation therapy on an outpatient basis.
    Ah Leung is extremely tearful. He expresses great concern over his future and the future of his two children.

    Based on the Neuman's Systems Model, outline the stressors of Ah Leung using Newman's approach .

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    could anyone identify the intra-,inter-,extra- stressors ????? Thanks!
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    Sorry, but the Neuman's Systems Model just doesn't ring a bell in my mind. I don't remember studying it in school.