Teaching Self Breast Exam to 8th Grade Girls

  1. I'm a first year nursing student with a teaching assignment to teach self breast exam to a class of 8th grade girls in my area. Any suggestions? (I've contacted the local american cancer society and susan g komen foundation to look for resources.) I want to make this topic interesting for these girls and do my best to engage them. And I want this to be a "fun" learning process for them. Any thoughts? Thanks!!!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    There is all kinds of information on this all over the Internet! Explore it for information and ideas. Make sure you make a point of telling them about the statistics on breast cancer and youth and the stress the importance of self exam despite their young age.

    Create a model of a breast with a hard lumps in it so the girls can have a hands on model to actually feel what a lump feels like. You can do this with fabric and cotton batting that you buy from a fabric store and use something like a golf ball or small rubber balls (like from a set of "jacks") inbedded in the cotton batting to simulate the lumps. Have the girls palpate the breast and find all the lumps in the model.