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  1. Hello everyone!
    Right now we are learning about mental health in nursing school and my teacher wants us to do a project on a mental illness. She chooses the topic and I was assigned suicide. She wants a typed paper, posters, handouts, video clips, etc. I was just wondering if anyone had any good creative ideas or information that could help me. I really appreciate it! Thanks for taking the time!
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    I would approach suicide from a perspective that isn't seen by most people and I think that would be a fresh approach for your instructor (not to mention may get you a very good grade).

    I have always disagreed with the theory that suicide is something selfish and when someone commits suicide they "punish the living".

    When someone is in that much psychological pain...think about everything that person is dismissing? They aren't THINKING about who they are leaving behind. Many of them, psychologically, somehow believe they will be able to "see" the reaction of those that are left behind (thus, the purpose of a suicide letter, funeral requests, etc). It's a cry for help, regardless of whether or not that person is successful in their attempt. They aren't thinking about the pain, or if they mess it up and become physically disfigured or brain damaged, they want themselves dead...think about how much pain you have to be in, to take your own life, ESPECIALLY if the means are violent, such as hanging yourself, shooting yourself, jumping from a building or much pain would a person have to be in to disregard, what would otherwise, TERRIFY someone who is mentally healthy and happy?

    I believe suicide is a defense mechanism...and extreme one, and very few psychologists see it as that, and that is what the problem is. They try to tell people who are suicidal, "Look at how much you are hurting those you are trying to leave behind," as if, the person hasn't thought of that already...they are PAST THAT. They want the pain to stop. That is the point of suicide, the emotional pain of whatever is troubling them, is so great, and it has to stop, and suicide is the only way they feel they can get it to stop. Keyword: THE VICTIM feels this is the only way.

    If they KNEW they had support from family and friends, they wouldn't be commiting suicide. People make too many assumptions in life.

    I have only seen suicide defined accurately, only once, and here it is:

    Suicide occurs, when emotional pain exceeds our ability to cope.

    Short, simple, and dead pun intended.
  4. by   puresass
    you might want to talk a little bit about durkheim's theories on suicide & social integration. he said societies that were too closely integrated or too loosely integrated resulted in higher rates of suicide. he theorized that societies that are too closely integrated produced individuals who would be willing to sacrifice the self for the greater good of the community & societies that were too loosely integrated produced individuals with little social support & regulation.

    there's a lot more to his theory (he wrote a whole book about suicide) but it's easy to find his general ideas if you google.

    good luck!
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