Suggestions for Med-Surg and Pharm?

  1. For my second quarter of nursing school I have both Pharmacology and Med-surg...

    These are the books we are using for both classes from amazon:

    Pharmacology and the Nursing Process: Lilley, Collins, Harrington, Snyder
    Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient-Centered Collaborative Care, 2-Volume Set: Ignatavicious, Workman
    Math for Clinical Practice: Macklin, Chernecky, Infortuna

    and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on companion books to go with these? the study guides are available, but they never help me and our teachers give them to us for free Would a drug guide be good? if so which one? just basically what are some suggestions for passing these classes? and what books do your recommend?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   pacificoastnurse
    If you have ATI there's a lot of sections on there for pharm and med/surg that are helpful. You can go to and search for quizzes from other instructors for practice and a drug guide book would only be helpful for referring to specific drugs as to what classes they belong to for pharm or common ones used in med/surg. If you find yourself struggling the companion CDs are very very helpful. The drug guide book that was required for my class that I use is if you aren't required to get one and all the hospitals here use the same one also.
  4. by   SunshineDaisy
    I have the same Pharm book, and I think the same med surge book! This is the drug we get in our bundle and comes in very handy!
  5. by   BacktotheBeach
    I use those books, too, but for test prep, you can't beat the NCLEX books. Saunders is great and so are the Test Success Series. Also, do you use the Evolve website? They have really good practice tests for each chapter in your textbook.