Structure and Function of the Hematologic System help with this chp

  1. This is my first semester nursing....OMG ....i have a teacher for pathophysiology...she does not know how to teach...u knows her material dont get me wrong...but she dont know how to teach...i do not learn anything from that class. i need help badly....any help out there will greatly appericated. at the moment i need help with structure and function of the hematologic system....thank u
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    the job of an instructor is to facilitate (assist and help) your learning. the learning, however, is totally your responsibility. if you don't think the instructor is fulfilling your needs, then you need to address this with the instructor in the privacy of their office. this is college, not high school. you are responsible to get the learning done one way or another, not the instructor. you can see the "teacher" (instructor) in their office and ask for further assistance [what subjects should i focus my learning on, are there any supplemental books i can look at to help learn this material and which would you recommend, do you have any suggestions for how i can get a better understanding of xx subject (be specific)]. listen to what the instructor talks about in the class. some like to talk about what they know the best and you are likely to get questions about those subjects. answer the questions and do the activities at the ends of each chapter of your textbook to help you learn and understand the information in the textbook. write down any questions about the material to take to class. do this before the class lecture on the chapter so during class time if you are given the opportunity to ask a question, you'll be able to ask intelligent questions about the material at the time it is being lectured on. you should also refer to the course syllabus and any course objectives you were given to help you organize what subjects you should be focusing your study on for the tests.

    here are links on how to study to help you get organized and learn how to study. studying is a skill. sometimes it takes years to learn what works best for you. there are many different study techniques and usually a combination of different techniques works. however, you have to learn what they are and try them out to find out which will work best for you. i've been a student in formal programs throughout my life. as my skill to study improves i see my grades over time go up, up, up. it's very rare for me now to take a class and earn less than an "a". this is because i know how to study. i'm not being judgmental here, but you're new at it and have a lot to learn about how to study effectively.
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