Starting 2nd semester in 10 days any tips about PEDS/OB

  1. I will be starting my 2nd semester in about 10 days, so im starting to get the pre-semester jitters. Just wondering if anyone out there has any tips,heads up or stories you wanna share for PEDs/OB? Kids really are not my thing, I dont have any and really don't have any experience with them. Im not too worried about the marterial, Im more worried about clinical.

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  3. by   zohhamaze
    Take as many opportunities as possible. For example, always be down to observe labor and delivery.
  4. by   ßåߥ
    I had no experience with kids either. Baby of my family and none of my friends had babies, so I was terrified. But once you realize they just want to play and be kids, it will be easier to let yourself relax and help them get better.
  5. by   Jrwilliams
    It was amazing! I agree, take as many opportunities as you can get. Be comforting and get on the child's level and understand and empathize with the parents fears and concerns, their baby is sick or they wouldn't be at the hospital. I LOVE the success series and once again found the maternal nursing and pediatric success books very helpful. Good Luck!
  6. by   carolinasweetheart88
    I agree, always be down for an L&D. Be kind, respectful and helpful to the pt without being pushy. The birth of their child is the biggest thing that will happen to them and it is very personal, and that pt has a say as to whether you are a part of it or not. I had an instructor give me this advice when I was in my LPN program and I was part of 4 beautiful vaginal deliveries. Not only did I get to observe but I helded mom's legs, gave her water between contractions, helped her breathing technique and encouraged her. Also, the L&D nurses loved us, we could run out and get things they needed, and we observed several epidurals. This many births and this extent of involvement was almost unheard of in my small town college/hospital for LPN studnets to be a part of because their just wasn't much going on, however I feel like the approach me and my 2 classmates that were teamed together brought with us helped ALOT. Every mom that we met and had a chance to observe, allowed us to. Good luck, although it isn't for everyone it's really neat to be a part of.
  7. by   classicdame
    know your math and your meds. Look for opportunities. The stages of labor get people nervous, but a good LD nurse can explain it to you so it is easier to understand. Try to bring to clinical questions you have about the text material so the nurses can help you with specific topics. Remember that kids are not little adults. It is critical to double-check your med doses.
  8. by   cassi_future_RN
    Thank you everyone! Im looking forward to the experience, just stepping out of my comfy level is nerve wracking! lol
  9. by   Reniquer
    Omg L&D is the most rewarding clinical rotation I've experienced. My advice is to participate in as many deliveries as possible. Pedi rotation was awesome also, as far as the diffidence in The adult world and pedi it's almost the same. the main objectives are understanding the developmental age of the child and communication with them and their parent/guardian. And medication administration a real big difference!! Good Luck =))
  10. by   dulcius ex asperis