Seeking RN's perspectives on universal health care

  1. Hello!
    I am new to this site and logged on to pick your brains a little bit regarding universal health care. I am writing a research paper on the pros and cons of a UHC system. Below are some questions I would like answered from an RN's perspective.

    1. Are you generally for or against universal health care, as a government provided benefit to every legal citizen?
    2. Do you believe that universal health care is a_______issue. (check all that apply).
    moral/ethical economical cultural
    3. What do you foresee as potential problems if we do not enact a universal health care system? If we do?
    4. What influence would UHC have on the current health care system?
    5. How would you, as an RN, be affected by this kind of program? How are you affected by the lack of one?
    6. Realistically, taking into consideration the funds and public support needed, do you believe this kind of a program is plausible?

    These should not take more than 10 minutes to respond to. If you could either reply tonight or sometime tommorrow (Mon, Dec 11), I would be extraordinarily thankful. Any time, consideration or insight you have for me would be much appreciated!
    You can either respond to this thread, or better yet send me a private message (PM) or send me an email through my profile.
    Thanks guys!
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  3. by   augigi
    You may want to check out another thread titled "universal health care" or do a search, as there have been about 10 pages posted in the last couple of days.