School Project

  1. Hello my name is Erica I am in a medical terminology class and I was given a project to ask someone in the medical field these questions

    1.How did medical terminology change you life?

    2. What is your Experiance with medical terminology?

    3. What is your Advice with medical terminology?

    4. What are some of you Tips/Pointers with medical terminology?

    Hope someone can help me thanks

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  3. by   Tweety
    1. Medical terminology really hasn't "changed my life" at all.

    2. I'm an RN, so I used medical terminology daily at work in charting and communicating with patients, and other care providers such as doctors, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc.

    3. I get a little confused with all the abbreviations, especially for the more exotic diseases and conditions. Common ones like HTN, and CHF, don't bother me, but with more obscure conditions, I think they should be written out completely.

    4. Probably #3 answers that, don't have any other pointers.

    I hope someone else comes along and answers your questions for you better than I did.

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