School Nurse -Public Health Rotation

  1. Hello all! I am very excited to do my public health rotation with a school nurse. It will be in a small, rural community. I am considering this as a career for myself after I graduate and want to make the BEST of this experience. I am hoping to get some pointers and wisdom as to how to learn the most while in this rotation.

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  3. by   KrCmommy522
    You might want to post this question in the school nurses forum: You might get more responses that way! Hopefully you get your answers!

    I don't know about school nursing, but I think in any clinical rotation the best advice is to pay attention to the nurse you are shadowing. Ask lots of questions - NEVER be afraid to ask a question. You are a student, so it makes sense there is a lot you don't know. Don't think you shouldn't ask a question because you should already know it or you think it's a dumb question. ALWAYS ask! Whenever I did a one-on-one rotation with another nurse, I always asked on the first day how he/she did things, went over with him/her what skills I was able to do, went over what I felt my weaker areas where (so he/she would know I might need help if that comes up, and if a chance comes up I would want it to get more experience), what I could do to help, what he/she felt comfortable with me doing on my own, etc. Just get an idea of how the nurse you are shadowing likes to get things done. The most important thing is to watch closely and listen carefully, and again always remember to ask questions if there is anything you don't fully understand, need help with, etc.
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    I will post to the school nurse forum. Thank you so much for your reply! I really appreciate your advice -especially helpful is to know I shouldn't ask a question because I think I already should know it. This is something that has been especially difficult for me while in nursing school. It is nice to see a reminder that it's ok to not know!