Review course for clinical skills

  1. I need help in the worse way!!! Does anyone know of a place I can go to
    to take a refresher course on my clinical skills? I am taking my RN program at a school in New York, but I am frequently in Phila. Pa.

    Last semester I failed OBS Peds. I failed clinical and I failed lecture, but I only failed lecture by a few points. The clinical instructor, just failed me on some vague general explanation ("I have to make sure you are safe") I never left needles on the counter, didn't give the wrong medication so I am unsure, but feel it best to take some kind of review course. The school is treacherous, I am sure the teachers communicate with each other.

    I only have two courses left, OBS Peds, then a massive final Meds Surg course. Please help me. I was thinking about taking the Kaplan course, I am currently going through a review book I have from Meds Pub. The next semester begins in November, so I have to be ready to take the courses back to back!!! I am using this board a lot to get review information. Should I take a course in critical thinking? Please help me map a strategy.
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  3. by   t2bn
    I've heard pro's and cons for the critical thinking class. A few of us created our own "skills camp" over the summer vacation and practiced IV skills, feeding tubes, sterile fields, colostomy care, etc. and between the 4 of us we were able to critique each other and discuss improvements etc. My school had a clinical class over the summer for approximately 2 weeks but I was unable to attend. We also have a lab that is available to us at school to practice. I'm sure you're not alone, try finding other students for your own "skills camp" Good luck